In 1969 I was accepted to the class of master Miroslav Pikart in Luby u Chebu. From 1971-72, I studied under the tutelage of master Jaroslav Lavička. I graduated from violin-making school at the top of my class and began work at the Cremona plant, where I gained my first experience with repairs under master Vlastimil Otepka. At the same time, I frequented the atelier of master Josef Vávra and often consulted master Josef Pótzl. In 1976 I was accepted to the masters' school headed by master Emil Lupač. In 1979 I began working in the atelier of master Petr Rozkydal, who handled army commissions in Trenčín. In 1980, I won a competition for a position as violin maker for the National Theater in Prague. Here, I was instructed in the secrets of restoration and repair work by Václav Vacek, one of the most gifted and talented artisans in the field. After finishing my stint with the National Theater, I worked on restorations and repairs for another two years. From 1992 to 1999 I worked in my private workshop almost exclusively on new instruments, primarily cellos. In 1999 I won a competition for a position as violin maker for the Czech Philharmonic, and I continue to work in their atelier to the present day.

My role model and principal teacher, not only technically but also conceptually, was master Ivan Rohožka. Along with some colleagues, in 1991 we founded the Prague Violin Makers' Guild. I became the guild master, an honorable position I continue to hold to this day. We have continued to pass our knowledge on to the younger generation of violin makers, masters Petr Matura, Petr Vavrouš, Andrew Pitts, and Vladimír Dufek. I have built more than one hundred cellos and at least another hundred violins, violas, viola di gambas, etc. In 2000, the entire string section of Muzica Akademika played by Baroque period instruments under the direction of Ondřej Macek in the Baroque Theater in Ćeský Krumlov. It was wonderful for me to hear an entire orchestra playing only instruments which I had created. My cellos are being played in concerts and for recordings not only here, but in France, Germany, and Japan. My instruments have been sold to buyers in Holland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland, and the US. I primarily work in the Italian style with forms. I use only natural materials for my varnishes and tints. I also give a lifetime guarantee for my instruments (my lifetime that is!).